21 February 2017 / Team News

Under 11s Update

Match Report
12th February 2017

Porthcawl 0 - 50 Bridgend Athletic

It seems like an age since we last played a competitive game on a Sunday. Today we would be playing Bridgend Athletic who always offer a very stern test to any  club in this region. A bitter cold day up on the Rest Bay pitches with only 11 of our promised 13 players making it to pitchside.

To be honest I could write an in depth  write up about how Bridgend Athletic stole the day by playing us off the park but I am not going too. What I will say however is that the Pathway rules must be followed. The tackle height rule is about safety and keeping the game flowing, the game only stops when you tackle high as is clearly stated by the WRU in its concise Pathway booklet. Thankfully  no serious injuries for us today!

From our point of view our team never got going and were clearly intimidated, but survived it. We will take great strides forward from this and we will become stronger. Our mental toughness needs to improve and we need to just to get on with it and trust our excellent individual skill base. Some promising passages of play from us at times but nowhere near enough to build anything from. We kicked far too much and gave up possession far to easily after working so hard to get the ball back. When everything goes against you, go through the phases and then go through the phases again and again.

It is becoming clear that we need more players or better still that ones that have signed for the club turn up or this side could have to fold. If this group does fold, restarting it becomes very difficult as those players who are keen will go and play elsewhere and the core element of the team is lost. It's not impossible to resurrect from this point, just extremely difficult.  I hope it doesn't come to that as too much time has been invested in our efforts.

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