21 February 2017 / Team News

Porthcawl U10s 7 Valley Ravens 52


Difficult game today against a strong ravens team. We started well in both attack and defence with Joe making  strong runs up the middle with Piers in support. These two played their socks off all game with some big tackles, hitting rucks and some great breaks. With piers back to his best he had a good all-round game and rucked superbly taking on board coaching  and coming out top tackler. Joe was also strong in defence but more importantly when making his strong breaks he looked for the offloads which created the try for Mack and was awarded top try scorer for his offloads and strong runs today. We were looking good but straight from restart we forgot to drive up in a line and the ravens just cut through the middle and levelled the score. It was like a switch where our heads dropped and we lost nearly every ruck and continued to fall off tackles. In the second period the same happened but Dexter was trying his best to hit rucks and stop the strong running of the ravens and was awarded individual effort award for his strong efforts today. The player that stood out for me today was Stephan who made yards all day, tackled and rucked but more importantly didn’t let his head drop and for his debut picked up making the difference award. What was disappointing today was not the result but the way our heads dropped which effected our play we dropped the ball 8times today compared to just  one drop pass in last two games. Today we failed to play our game and move the ball wide into space but instead we continued just to run at their bigger players and got turned over, where it seemed we had lost trust in player outside in space and hung onto the ball in tight areas. I know we are better than this and at the end i asked all the players to remember its a team game that we need to enjoy and don’t let our heads drop, we tackle as a team (legs not shoulders) and move the ball into space as we are never going to be biggest or most aggressive in ruck area. Lets get their confidence back up and lets hit next week back to our best with a smile on their face and playing our way.


Try and conversion by Mac.

Tackles: Piers 11, Dexter Steffan Joe 10. Dylan Scott 7. Lex 6. Oscar Ben 5. Mac Jack 4. Cory Sonny Max 3. Reuben Charlie 2. Joel 1.

Clubman best effort Dexter

Clubman making a difference Steffan

Top tackler Piers

Top team try Joe

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